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 Discover the change that empowers you!

Meg Rosenau

Licensed Clinical Social Worker  Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Registered Yoga Teacher-200 


What challenges are you currently
experiencing in your life 
that you'd like relief from

Have parts of your life become 
off-balance, leaving you 
anxious or feeling stuck?

Together we can make sense 
of the challenges you face,   

identify the changes you desire 
and grow beyond where you've been!


    I specialize in helping people thrive as they
    navigate various life transitions, promoting
    growth, autonomy 
and independence.

   My experience and commitment to supporting youth and adults is the    basis for how I successfully guide others to develop healthy coping          strategies and utilize practices to foster confidence and emotional 
Girl Hiking in Mountains

for Teens

 Effective strategies for mental, physical   

and emotional


Youth and Adults

Learn how to address common behavioral, emotional and relational issues.


Resources and

 effective strategies   

for empowered


  College  and Career 

 Benefit from

individual coaching and transition


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